vitrin 1

vitrin 2

Showcase 2 in Apadana Glassware

parsian 2 glass doors vitrin

aria 2 doors vitrin

venous open vitrin

apadana 1 door vitrin with chest

aria 1 door vitrin

parsian 1 door vitrin with glass

abtin 1 door vitrin with chest

aria 1 door vitrin with chest

Nice Showcase single door

prestal 60 thin vitrin

85 up slides vitrin

110 vitrin with slides

85 down slides vitrin

prestal 60 wide vitrin















The smooth, calm and gentle racinique seat can help a person with tiredness and rest while on the break.



Many people in Europe sit down at the racecourse when reading a book at the side of the fireplace, and slowly and softly gently slip into sleep. Hence, the Rockinchrech seats are very important at home.



Buffet consol









Buffet products The exquisite furniture consoles are of excellent quality and have a different fabric (all wood).

بوفه کنسول

Bed service






Exquisite furniture produces and offers one of the most diverse dreams of the market and, given that all its products are of wood, it has an unconditional 3-year warranty.

سرویس خواب

Dining table







Dining services or all-wood dining tables make your home decoration more beautiful.

میز غذاخوری

Sofa furniture






Living room products The exquisite furniture collection has always been thinking of the comfort, elegance, beauty, and yet the durability and long durability of its products, and the customer satisfaction is the main headline of its production.


Nafis Furniture Company is one of the pioneers in the furniture industry of the country, has been working in this field for many years and has always tried to offer the best art and the industry, in order to create a special place in the decoration of the Iranian house
One of the greatest honors of this collection is the use of the most prominent professors in the field and always strives to provide the best quality in wood reinforcement, color durability and quality of fabric, so that our audience will have this multi-year trust View our credentials and encourage the enjoyment of the use of Nafis products to suit others as well
Nafis today with the slogan "The Best Iranians" based on the technology of the day, and employing more than 100 highly qualified and dedicated staff, has established its position in the furniture industry of the country and has always been one of the concerns of the company's top executives, an effort to To improve the quality and innovative production process

Standard certificate and quality of goods

International Statue of Exhibitions

Statue of the Premier International Furniture

Customer Satisfaction Standard Certificate

تلفن تماس




Info @


No 578 - 576 , Delavaran 

furniture market ,Hengam St

,Resalat Sq,Tehran


سرویس خواب

Bed Service





بوفه کنسول

Buffet consol

میز غذاخوری

Dining Table





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